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Amalgam, composite resin, gold, and dental grade porcelain are often used as dental filling materials to repair a tooth suffering from a cavity or a minor dental fracture. Once they have been cured or cemented into place, the dental filling will repair the tooth for many years.

As the years pass the relationship between a dental filling and the nearby tooth enamel can start to weaken. This is even more likely to be a problem if you’ve struggled to maintain good oral hygiene, or you have a bad habit of skipping your routine dental checkups at Smile Studio Dental’s dental office.

Early symptoms that a filling has been compromised can include increased sensitivity, a change in color or texture in the surrounding tooth enamel, or a gradually worsening toothache. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you need to seek treatment.

Dr. Eli Janabi can quickly assess the severity of the problem. Then he can help you understand the treatment options needed to prevent further complications.

Left untreated, the compromised dental filling could fall out or suffer from a newly developed area of tooth decay. This could require treatment with a dental crown or require Dr. Eli Janabi to perform a root canal.

If you live in the Falls Church, Virginia, area and you suspect one of your dental fillings has been compromised you should call 703-982-2222 to have it examined and treated at Smile Studio Dental.