Smile Studio Dental provides ceramic dental crowns and onlays to restore your damaged and decayed teeth. Both crowns and onlays are designed to return your tooth to its original size and shape, and ceramic helps ensure that your restoration provides a naturally beautiful result.

Our dentist may recommend a dental crown or onlay when your tooth is damaged or decayed beyond the level that a filling can repair. Both restorations work to restore your tooth’s health and protect it from further damage. However, depending on the amount and location of the damage, our dentist will help you know whether a crown or an onlay is right for you.

A dental crown, also known as a “cap”, is most often used when the damage extends throughout the majority of the tooth’s surface. After removing any damaged parts of the tooth, our dentist will take an impression of your teeth to create your crown. Dental crowns are custom-made to resemble your natural tooth and fit comfortably over the remaining portions of your tooth. Because we want to make your smile look and feel beautiful while also restoring your oral health and protecting your tooth, we make our dental crowns out of ceramic. This material blends with your natural tooth color, making your restoration appear as a natural part of your smile.

A dental onlay is used when the damage extends across the biting surface of the tooth and onto the cusps, or rounded edges. This restoration is most often used for the back teeth, or molars. Dental onlays are also custom-made to resemble the natural surface of your tooth and fit with your bite. Because onlays are used to restore only the biting surface of a tooth, they are often referred to as partial crowns. By creating your onlays out of ceramic, our dentist can ensure that your restoration is virtually undetectable.

Dental Crowns
Dental crowns helped this patient to improve the shape and appearance of their teeth, giving them a healthier and more natural-looking smile.

Crown Before
Crown After

If you have received moderate to severe damage to your teeth, our dentist will help you know if a dental crown or onlay is right for you. To learn more about dental crowns and onlays in Falls Church, Virginia, and to make an appointment with Dr. Eli Janabi, please call us today at 703-982-2222.