In most cases, root canal therapy is successful and you will not require any further endodontic treatment. However, in some cases the tooth may not heal properly or develop a new infection. One of the treatments Dr. Eli Janabi may recommend to resolve this problem is an apicoectomy.

Apicoectomy, also known as endodontic surgery, involves removing the apex of the tooth, or the very tip of the tooth root. This tooth root is the part of the tooth that extends into the jawbone to hold the tooth in place. Each tooth in your mouth has at least one root, and some teeth have multiple roots. When the tip of the root becomes inflamed or infected, apicoectomy is needed to successfully treat the problem and restore your oral health.

When you receive an apicoectomy, our dentist will make a small incision in your gum tissues to access your supporting bone. The root tip will then be removed, along with any other infected tissues. A small filling will be placed to seal the end of the root canal, and a few stitches may be needed to keep your gums in place while they heal. Your supporting bone will health around the end of the tooth root over the next few months.

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