If you have received root canal therapy in the past and infection has returned to the previously treated tooth, our skilled dentist can provide you with a root canal retreatment to give you back a healthy smile. Your retreatment will follow the same procedure as your initial root canal, and will work to prevent extraction and further damage to your teeth and supporting structures.

Root canal retreatment is necessary when your initial procedure did not completely resolve the problem and infection and pain return to the treated area. This typically occurs when the tooth does not heal properly or if new infection takes hold of the tooth. Improper healing is generally the result of complex canal anatomy that was undetected during the first treatment or when the crown was not placed directly following treatment.

When you receive root canal retreatment, our dentist will reopen the tooth, remove the filling materials that were initially placed, and carefully examine the tooth. The infection will then be removed, and the tooth and root canals will be thoroughly cleaned, shaped and new filling materials will be placed. The tooth will then be sealed and a new crown or other restoration will be placed.

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