Are you missing a tooth? Multiple teeth? Or even an entire arch of your teeth? At the office of Smile Studio Dental, we can help patients that are missing teeth by using dental implants in Falls Church, Virginia. Schedule a visit with our dentist and you can learn how dental implants may be able to help you get back the look and function of your smile. All you need to do is call 703-982-2222 today and we can schedule an appointment for you with Dr. Eli Janabi.

Dental implants can really be an amazing restoration for patients with missing teeth. Not only can it help you to get back the look and function of your smile, but also it can help the health of your jawbone. Missing teeth can lead to a loss of bone mass as your body reintegrates unstimulated material, but dental implants can stimulate your jawbone to help retain that mass.
This stable restoration is made up of two parts. First there is the implant post. The implant post is a titanium screw that our dentist can place into your jawbone during a surgery. Immediately after this surgery you will need to let your body heal for a time. Once you have healed and your bone has bonded with the biocompatible post, then you will have the second part of your implant, your restoration, placed. This restoration can take the form of a dental crown, dental bridge, or complete or partial denture. Whatever the restoration is, it will be custom made to fit your smile.
You can optimize your health and the function of your smile by getting dental implants. This restoration can also last you a lifetime, with the proper care. Please contact us today if you interested in learning more about this treatment.

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