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Some patients suffering from mild to moderate sleep apnea find symptom relief by sleeping with a snore guard in their mouth. These removal oral appliances can be provided with a prescription from an orthodontist and are designed to hold your soft palate in the proper position to allow for the clear passage of air while sleeping.


There are several different styles offered by Dr. Eli Janabi such as tongue stabilizing devices, mandibular advancement devices and custom fit thermoplastic snore guards. The one that is right for you will depend on the characteristics of your mouth and your personal preference.


You will need to take daily steps to maintain the snore guard. This involves thoroughly rinsing it under cool water each morning to remove any loose plaque deposits. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste to gently brush any textured areas. An interdental brush might also help clean any hinged areas which might be important for maintaining a mandibular advancement device.


After you are done cleaning the snore guard you should dry it and store it safely in the case provided.


If you live in the area surrounding Falls Church, Virginia, and you have been struggling to deal with mild to moderate sleep apnea symptoms, you should call 703-982-2222 to explore the snore guard options offered through Smile Studio Dental.