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Most dental crown restorations occur in two distinct phases. The first appointment is designed to remove the tooth enamel layer and prepare sufficient structure to anchor the eventual dental crown. Once this is done an impression is sent to a dental lab to guide the technicians in creating the piece of dental work.

To protect the abutment structure in your mouth Dr. Eli Janabi will secure a temporary crown in place. This hard plastic cap is meant to protect the area from harm while the dental lab completes their work. In the interim, you will need to take a few basic measures to protect and maintain the temporary crown.

Healthy gums are important to the dental crown restoration process. Gum tissues that have been inflamed by poor oral hygiene or other periodontal health problems can be uncomfortable. So, you will need to lightly brush your temporary crown twice each day and floss each evening.

This will help to remove stray food material and plaque before they can irritate the gum tissues. If you are having trouble flossing around the temporary crown, you might want to try using waxed dental floss, dental tape, or a simple floss threader.

If you are eating a snack or a meal and your temporary crown comes loose or is damaged, you should not delay in contacting Dr. Eli Janabi. If the abutment within is unaffected, he might simply secure a new temporary crown in place.

If the abutment was damaged or compromised in some way Dr. Eli Janabi might need to perform a root canal or another treatment to restore its structural integrity.

If you live in Falls Church, Virginia, and you have a question about your temporary crown, you should call 703-982-2222 to speak to a member of staff at Smile Studio Dental.