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Do you ever feel a sharp pain when you are enjoying an ice cream or a hot drink like tea or coffee? Tooth sensitivity can put a damper on your day. However, did you know it could be a warning sign of something wrong? Here at Smile Studio Dental in Falls Church, Virginia, we take your oral health care very seriously, which is why we are happy to give you some information on the causes of tooth sensitivity so you can get the help you need.

Tooth sensitivity could be a warning sign of something wrong in your smile. For example, a cavity you can’t see could be causing the tooth sensitivity issue. This means visiting your dentist, Dr. Eli Janabi could help you put an end to the tooth sensitive problem.

Another cause of the tooth sensitivity could be a condition called gum disease. This could cause your gums and teeth to part exposing the root of your tooth, which could also trigger pain or sensitivity. That is why finding the trigger for your tooth sensitivity is significant to your oral health.

If you would like help with your tooth sensitivity or feel it’s time to come in for a dental appointment, please call 703-982-2222 to set up an appointment. Our friendly dental team is happy to help you get back to positive oral health.